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Providing you with the knowledge to make the best choices.


CML Home Inspections, Inc.: The Professional House Inspection Company Servicing Quesnel, Prince George, Williams Lake, Cariboo Region, and surrounding areas

Let the CML Home Inspections, Inc. perform comprehensive pre-purchase inspection services on your house or building so as to help you make the right choices on your home investment. Especially servicing those based in Quesnel, Williams Lake, Prince George and other areas in the Cariboo Region, CML has been considered as one of the most trusted companies when it comes to house inspection matters.

The CML Home Inspections, Inc. is a licensed home inspections company which was founded and solely operated by Mr. Marc Lize CHI whose more than 33 years of experience in the B.C. construction industry has rendered him as one of the best Professional Home Inspectors in and around Quesnel and the Cariboo Region..

Basically, CML provides the services of home inspections in Quesnel, housing inspections in Prince George, Williams Lake, Cariboo Region, and other areas in and around. As licensed and premier housing inspections company, all of the housing inspection services our trusted inspectors conduct adhere to the standards and regulations imposed by the B.C.. construction industry for residential housing market. In addition, we are always updated with the latest technology available for the construction industry so as to serve you faster and more efficiently.

Our inspection process typically starts with the submission of the contract agreement for client review and approval. And then at the end of our thorough inspection process, we provide the client a written report with photo documentation and recommendations of our inspectors based on their identified issues with the home. We also provide answers to our clients in case they have questions or clarifications regarding the report we submitted. 

Are you currently looking for a professional home inspector in Cariboo Region? Let the CML Home Inspections, Inc. be your aid when it comes to your pre-purchase home inspections. We offer home inspections in Quesnel, housing inspections in Prince George, Williams Lake, Cariboo Region, and other areas in and around the Southern and Northern Cariboo Region. Visit our website or call us at 604-847-8133 for more information.


Marc Lize CHI

A certified home inspector and owner-manager of CML Home Inspections Inc.

My License Number is: 67003 

CML Home Inspections Inc., Consumer Protection membership # :67002

CML Home Inspection Inc., Work Safe B.C.. account # 939183-AA



Over 33 years of experience in the B.C.. construction industry in regards to the concrete construction for projects as follow;

For heavy civil, high rise towers, bridges, mining industry, dams, government building, hospitals, gas plants, condo towers, hotels, tunnels and waste water treatment plants.

  • Conducted concrete construction solutions and seminars with PERI Formwork  Systems, using power point presentation for meetings with Project Managers, Professional Engineers, Sr. Construction Estimators, Site Superintendents and Concrete Construction Foremans. 
  • Provided form work solutions, conducted safety meetings based on assembly and operation. 
  • Represented the largest European manufacturing company in the world of engineered formwork systems and self climbing hydraulic systems.
  • Conducted job site visits based on how the systems performed in regards to safety and speeding up the formwork schedule, and also improving their bottom line.

I am retired from the construction industry and putting all my knowledge to work for you as a Licensed Professional Home Inspector.

Professional Membership

  • Member of the Home Inspectors Association of BC
  • Member of the Applied Science Technologist & Technicians of B.C. - Property Inspectors. (ASTTBC-PI)


  • British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Home Inspections (ASTTBC-PI)
  • Building envelope design performance 3050
  • Building Code 2012
  • Concrete Technology Civil 109
  • Estimating Construction Work 40920
  • Estimating Construction Work 40921
  • Estimating Construction Work 40922
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness Certification, by R.J. & Associates Environmental  
  • CDW Engineering Commercial Building Inspection Course - Carson Dunlop. 
  • Concrete Construction Formwork Solutions and Safety by PERI Formworks System Inc, Germany.
  • Concrete Restorations and Solutions by SIKA Canada.

CML Home Inspections is a sole proprietorship and you're dealing directly with the owner/manager.

  • We offer professional home inspections based on best trade practices and/or based on the B.C.. building standards for the residential housing market.
  • We provide a full inspection with a written report, complete with pictures and recommendations on deficiencies and/or damages found to the building systems.
  • Putting my 33 years of experience of the construction industry at work for your benefit.
  • Providing you with the knowledge to make the best choices.

CML Home inspections Inc.

  • We are proud to service and be part of our community the Cariboo Region.
  • The building industry is based on science and on an environment condition that must work together to provide a comfortable home. We are aggressively learning more as new technology is available in regards to our industry and to better serve you.


Home inspections for Quesnel, Prince George, Williams Lake and the Cariboo Region.





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