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Windows, and Doors

By Marc Lize on 2015-03-20


Windows and doors


Windows, skylights and Doors


Window frame types

  • Wood – good building material, high maintenance and is subject to rot in our B.C. wet environment.
  • Aluminum – low maintenance, durable but conducts massive heat loss if not thermo-broken.
  • Vinyl – low maintenance, not as durable as aluminum, but less heat lost.
  • Fiberglass – low maintenance, durable, resistant to heat lost, excellent near a marine environment, but most expensive.


An architect and/or a building envelope engineer will perform calculations to meet a net overall RSI value based on the B.C. building code and /or the municipal district having authority. Therefore, a professional provides a complete analysis of all building materials for RSI resistance and conductivity.

The process:

  1. A psychrometric chart analysis
  2. Thermal and moisture calculations
  3. Thermal analysis summary of SI units thermal resistance – RSI, U-value, heat flow Q-W/m2 loss. Metric units RSI net value and change in temperature.


Window glass panes

  • Single glaze R- value 1 and after net calculations R-value is zero.
  • Double glaze R- value 2 and after net calculation R-value is 1 or less.
  • Triple glaze R- value 3 and after net calculation R-value is 2 or less.
  • Triple glaze R-value 5 with low e argon gas filled and after net calculation R-value 3 to <4.

Please be advised that home with lots of windows close to maximum code allowance the net R-value will be lower. Also with broken seals for double or triple pane glass units with the loss of the argon gas the R-value will be <1 or zero.


Exterior doors

  • Solid wood.
  • Metal, insulated and with thermo-breaks.
  • Patio glass sliding doors.


The front door must open inward and have all the security features required by code. All patio sliding glass doors must have safety glass and safety features. Front entrance doors and side lites must have safety glass also.

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