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Articles tagged with water

Building Standards

By Marc Lize on 2014-08-21
    CML HOME Inspections Inc.   This attic is dry and with no roof leaks. This picture was taken during the heating season and the attic temperature is the same inside as the exterior climate. Now, this means... Read More


By Marc Lize on 2014-09-02
26% moisture content in waferboard .     CML HOME INSPECTIONS INC. What is mold? Mold is any of a various of fungous growth often causing disintegration of organic mater. Is mold a health hazard? ... Read More

Building Envelope

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-03
  CML Home Inspections Inc. Building Envelope has to meet the following four "D's" to protect the structural building components from water ingress: Deflection from rain and snow. Drainage at the air b... Read More

Safety and Insurance

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04
  Safety and Insurance All homes built prior to 1995 will contain hazardous material content in the building components. Lead paint. Asbestos content. Asbestos content is found in drywall, plasters, fillers,... Read More

Drainage and Foundations

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04
            Professional home inspections   Drainage and Foundations Lot grading must be away from the foundations walls to prevent water ingress. Perimete... Read More

Lot grading and retaining walls.

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-05
    In home inspections lot grading can determine the possibility of water ingress through the foundation.   Lot grading and retaining walls Lot grading must slope away from the house foundation... Read More

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