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Building Standards

By Marc Lize on 2014-08-21
    CML HOME Inspections Inc.   This attic is dry and with no roof leaks. This picture was taken during the heating season and the attic temperature is the same inside as the exterior climate. Now, this means... Read More


By Marc Lize on 2014-09-02
26% moisture content in waferboard .     CML HOME INSPECTIONS INC. What is mold? Mold is any of a various of fungous growth often causing disintegration of organic mater. Is mold a health hazard? ... Read More

Building Envelope

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-03
  CML Home Inspections Inc. Building Envelope has to meet the following four "D's" to protect the structural building components from water ingress: Deflection from rain and snow. Drainage at the air b... Read More

Building Science

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04
  CML Home Inspections Inc. What is building science? Definitions: Building science A unique mix of physics, materials science, meteorology, construction technology, architectural and engineering designs. ... Read More

Safety and Insurance

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04
  Safety and Insurance All homes built prior to 1995 will contain hazardous material content in the building components. Lead paint. Asbestos content. Asbestos content is found in drywall, plasters, fillers,... Read More

Drainage and Foundations

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04
            Professional home inspections   Drainage and Foundations Lot grading must be away from the foundations walls to prevent water ingress. Perimete... Read More

Heat Lost

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04
  Heat Lost is a result of many factors: An air barrier that is poorly installed and/or ineffective. The lack of insulation in the attic, walls and foundation walls. Singles glaze windows provide zero R-value and con... Read More

Heating and Ventillation

By Marc lize on 2014-09-04
 A heat pump above connected to a high efficiency gas furnace. Home inspections are for the buyer's benefit.   Heating and Ventilation: Conventional boilers or furnaces operate at 55% to 65% efficiency a... Read More

Lot grading and retaining walls.

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-05
    In home inspections lot grading can determine the possibility of water ingress through the foundation.   Lot grading and retaining walls Lot grading must slope away from the house foundation... Read More

In Search of the Perfect House.

By CarsonDunlop on 2014-09-24
  ~~In Search of The Perfect House   THE 1% RULE  When you consider the life cycle of every component of a house, a reasonable annual estimate of the cost of normal maintenance is 1% of the value of the hou... Read More

Trust up lift

By CarsonDunlop on 2014-09-24
  ~~Truss Uplift   An Uplifting Experience  Truss uplift has nothing to do with plastic surgery or under- garments. It is a phenomenon common in homes built with roof trusses as opposed to rafters. If a house... Read More

Pre-Inspected Listing / The Future of Real Estate?

By CarsonDunlop on 2014-09-24
  ~~ Pre-Inspected Listings, The Future of Real Estate  Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser. Pre-inspected listings benefit all parties - purchasers, vendors and Realtors.  D... Read More

ASTTBC PI Standard of Inspection

By ASTTBC PI on 2014-11-13
  ASTTBC PI STANDARDS OF INSPECTION Part 1: Glossary (contains italicized words in this document) ASTTBC & ASTTBC PI:        ASTTBC - The Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of Br... Read More

Service Area

By Marc Lize on 2014-11-22
    Service Area: Quesnel Prince George Williams lake The Cariboo Region   Residential Inspection Types: Condos, Townhouses, Single Family Homes, Semi-detached homes, Row Housing ... Read More

Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah - Season's Greatings

By Marc Lize on 2014-11-27
Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Season’s Greetings       Dear All,             The  winter season ... Read More

Flood Plains Chilliwack and the Upper Fraser Valley

By Marc Lize on 2015-02-09
    Flood Plains:   An area of low-lying ground adjacent to a river, formed mainly of river sediments and subject to flooding.   Flood protection - City of Chilliwack:   Within t... Read More

Septic Systems

By Marc Lize on 2015-02-16
    SEPTIC FIELDS   Septic drain fields, also called leach fields or leach drains are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges from the septic tank. A&n... Read More

Windows, and Doors

By Marc Lize on 2015-03-20
    Windows, skylights and Doors   Window frame types Wood – good building material, high maintenance and is subject to rot in our B.C. wet environment. Aluminum – low maintenance, du... Read More

Water Systems and Wells

By Marc Lize on 2015-02-16
    WATER SOURCE AND WELLS   TYPES OF WATER SOURCES: Surface water wells. Deep wells with submersable pumps. (drilled wells) Water supply from a creek, river or lake. (subject to beaver fever... Read More

Bathroom Renovation

By Romana King on 2016-05-13
Home Real Estate Renovations A reno can void your home insurance You could end up paying four times as much                 A bathroo... Read More

Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

By Sandra Rinomato on 2016-05-16
Do I Really Need a Home Inspection? As a homebuyer, you'll want to make sure that you make a wise investment choice, and that's why professional home inspections are becoming an essential part of the buying process. In fact, more ... Read More

Air Quality

By Marc Lize on 2016-05-17
AIR QUALITY How to acheive good air quality in your home? A high efficiency heating system that provides air circulation complete with a heat pump to provide air conditioning during the summer is a good start. Home that ... Read More

Quesnel office / Home buyers

By Bob Hamm on 2016-08-17
HIGHER STANDARD NEEDED FOR HOME INSPECTORS Protections have been watered down from 10 years ago, Bob Hamm writes. Vancouver Sun 27 Oct 2018 Bob Hamm is president of the Home Inspectors Association of B.C.   Br... Read More

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