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Safety and Insurance

By Marc Lize on 2014-09-04


Safety and Insurance

All homes built prior to 1995 will contain hazardous material content in the building components.

  • Lead paint.
  • Asbestos content.

Asbestos content is found in drywall, plasters, fillers, tiles, adhesives, vermiculite insulation, roof patch, tar products, mechanical pipes and building materials. Please check with Work safe's website for additional information.

Health hazards/safety

  • Lead paint, asbestos, mold, gas leaks, old buried oil tanks and sewer gases.


  • Proper door locks and the main entrance door open inward. Alarm systems (smoke,CO2 and intruder). The smoke alarms require replacement every ten years, even though they are still functional. The new building code requires them on every floor and in each bedrooms.
  • Poly "B" plumbing lines is discontinued due to past problems with fittings and water pressures causing leakage and every insurance claims resulting in legal action against the manufactures.
  • Knob and tube wiring is a fire hazard and this type of wiring provides no grounding and therefore discontinued. Therefore, it is not compatible to today's building standards and all appliances, computers, and televisions, because they all require grounding.
  • Buried oil tanks from original heating fuel in older homes that are no longer used and left rusting in the ground, has become a costly environmental issue to the home owner. This can be an expensive environmental clean up and the removal is done by a licensed contractor.

Conditions that most Canadian and American insurance companies will not cover.

  • Frozen pipes, frost heaving, melted snow and ice.
  • All things that are preventable.
  • Structural cracks and failure.
  • Mold.
  • Knob and tube wiring.
  • Screwed in fuses.
  • Electrical panel not less than 100 amps.
  • Damage from rodents and insects.
  • Predictable events.
  • Major work done without a building permit/inspected.
  • High crime area, terrorism.
  • If the previous owner had many claims.
  • Repeated claims.
  • If you had a history of many claims.
  • Grow ups
  • Business in home.
  • Neglected maintenance.
  • Flood plains.
  • Area prone to forest fires.
  • Too far away from the fire department.
  • Built on a landfill.
  • Area with a history of landslides and earth quakes.
  • Act of God.


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