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Heating and Ventillation

By Marc lize on 2014-09-04

 A heat pump above connected to a high efficiency gas furnace.

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Heating and Ventilation:

  • Conventional boilers or furnaces operate at 55% to 65% efficiency and are no longer available because they don't meet current building standards.
     However, they do still exist in older homes and it is wise to up grade them to a mid or high efficiency unit.
  • A mid efficiency system operates at 80% efficiency, based on the average seasonal efficiency.
  • A high efficiency system operates at 95% efficiency, based on the average seasonal efficiency.
  • Changing the air filter prior to the heating season and replacing it during mid season helps to provide dust free air circulating into the home and prolongs the life of the furnace.
  • A heat recovery ventilator, also know as air to air heat exchangers, in heating climates they maintain good air quality. They bring fresh air into the home while exhausting the stale air out.
  • A heat pump is simply an air conditioner that can work in reverse to help heat the house. In the warm season , the heat pump removes heat from the house interior and discharges it to the exterior, like an air conditioner. In the heating season, the refrigerant flow is reversed and removes heat from the outdoors and put it into the home. The outdoor coil acts as an evaporator in the summer and a condenser in the winter.
  • For homes heating with electricity and or a system that provides no air circulation a Heat Recovery Ventilator is recommended to avoid stail air and or air polution.



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