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Flood Plains Chilliwack and the Upper Fraser Valley

By Marc Lize on 2015-02-09



Flood Plains:


An area of low-lying ground adjacent to a river, formed mainly of river sediments and subject to flooding.


Flood protection - City of Chilliwack:


Within the city of Chilliwack, there are flooding plain areas for both the Fraser River and the Vedder River.  Portions of Greendale and Yarrow lie withing the flood plain for both rivers.

The flood risk associated with these two river systems are different, and therefore the City has separate Flood Response Plans to manage the risks. For more information please visit the City of Chilliwack website.


Flood mapping - Chilliwack, Kent, Agassiz:


Please see website for mapping of area:


Foundation walls protection:


A) You must waterproof the concrete foundation from water ingress in flood plains and or areas with high watertables.

B) The lot grading must slope away from the foundation.

C) No drain tile systems required at the perimeter of the foundation /footings. If installed it will direct water at the building foundation.

D) No roof water underground drainage system is to be installed, but a surface drainage system to direct water away from the building foundation.



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