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Realtors and Home buyers

By Marc Lize on 2016-08-17

The duties of the Realtor and the Home inspector. 

  • Buying a home is a big investment and a professional is recommended.
  • It's the responsibility of the realtor to find a home that suits the Buyer's need and price range.
  • A professional home inspection is always recommended for safety. insurance and a property condition assessment.

Now that we have identify the roles of each profession.

  • Realtors that dislikes certain home inspections companies do not have you're best interest at heart. Professional home inspectors are dedicate at 100% in serving YOU their client. A professional home inspection report is our resume. Also customer satisfaction and referrals from you are our rewards (best advertising). Your investment either a home or a commercial property matters to us. Also at CML Home Inspections we provide you with the knowledge to make the best choices. If you are a first time buyer or an experienced buyer, your large investment matters to us. Our fee is usually about 0.014% of the property cost for a home inspection. A very cheap expense for peace of mind. A home buyer can hire any BC licensed home inspector of their choosing, and refusal by a realtor to use this person is a direct conflict of interest and not having the client's best interest. A professional home inspector must work for their clients best interest only, this is a golden rule of trust.The home inspector must be licensed. An inspector operating without a BC Home inspector's license must not be considered. Here is why? The report is not worth the paper it's written on for financial institutions and insurance companies. It is illegal to perform home inspection without a license, and charging a fee. This person should be reported to Consumer Protection BC.

We live in three time zone and a good professional must understand how this affects buildings.

  • The three time zones are the past, present and future.
  • It's important to have this in mind when investigating a property; because what is a present finding (moisture ingress) can lead to damage to structure and or damage to the building envelope. There is nothing wrong in stating this to the client if you have their best interest at heart. 


  • There are licensed and unlicensed contractors. Good and Bad. 
  • Not all contractors should be in the business due to many reasons.
  • A television program called,"Catch a Contractor" by Adam Corolla is a must see. This will make you think twice about who you should consider. Many home owners have been deceived by theses contractors.
  • Therefore it is important to hire a home inspector with a construction back ground. In my opinion a home inspector that cannot state anything further than "by contractor" might lead you to deal with either the good or the ugly. 
  • A professional home inspector must be able to explain things to the client so that they hire the good.
  • The good contractor carries a business license, professional liability, good reputation, can provide many references and in most cases are more expensive.

Insurance companies.

  • All insurance companies will ask that you hire a licensed home inspector for the inspection of a roof prior to re-insuring when the roof is getting on in age. This is part of underwriting to evaluate risk. It is very common on the coast.
  • Please be advised that they will never ask a roofing contractor to perform this investigation.
  • Therefore a licensed home inspector is qualified and unbiased. 
  • The inspection includes the roofing system, all protrusions through the roof, chimney, flashings, gutters, downspout, fascia boards, soffits and the attic space.
  • Please be advised that roofing contractors when re-roofing have cut structure (top of trusses) by mistake when installing additional vents. This is an unpleasant finding to the home owner, therefore beware when hiring a roofing contractor and check your attic several times during installation prior to final payment. 
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