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CML Home Inspections Air Quality
Air Quality
AIR QUALITY How to acheive good air quality in your home? A high efficiency heating system that provides air circulation complete with a heat pump to provide air conditioning during the summer is a good start. Home that heat with electricity, radiant heat, wood stoves all require mechanical air circulation to improve comfort and with the aid of a Heat Recovery Ventilator that brings in exterior air and mixing it with heated air while exhausting the stail air to the exterior. Simply opening a window here and there may not be sufficient with a home without a mechanical air circulation system, specially during the winter causing heat lost. A vapor barrier that is functional will prevent warm air conde...

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Thorough Inspection for Peace of Mind

CML Home Inspections

As a premier home inspections company, our aim is to aid our clients in scrutinizing their pre-desired house by providing professional and comprehensive list of home inspection services. Again, the CML has the list of house inspection services including home inspection in Quesnel, house inspections Prince George, and other cost of home inspections in Williams Lake, and surrounding areas in the Cariboo Region. For further information, you may visit our quote page or give us a call at 604-847-8133 to request for quotation. We can definitely assist you in making the right decisions on your home investment.

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CML Home Inspections

CML Home Inspections, Inc.: Rendering Expert Home Inspection Services in Quesnel, Prince George, Williams Lake, The Cariboo Region, and surrounding areas

To make the best out of your home investment, experts argue that a rigorous pre-purchase inspections on your desired house must be conducted. As such, the role of professional home inspectors is deemed crucial so as to ensure you will be protected against potential house structural issues. For those based in Quesnel, Prince George, Williams lake, Cariboo Region, and other areas in between, the CML Home Inspections, Inc. possesses the qualities that you are looking for a trusted home inspections company.

Licensed and locally owned and operated company by Marc Lize CHI (P) who has been in the industry of B.C. construction for over 33 years already, CML offers a comprehensive list of quality services which includes home inspection in Quesnel, house inspections Willams Lake, and other cost home inspections in Prince George, Williams Lake, and surrounding areas. Amongst the things our reliable home inspectors check on your house are the building foundation and structure, interior of the home, exterior building envelope, and the roofing and HVAC systems. At the end of our thorough inspection process, we submit the narrative report with pictures and recommendations on the identified issues by our home inspectors to our clients.



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